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ABOUT KTP: We are Building a world-class visitor experience!

OUR MISSION: Organized in 2011, the Katahdin Tourism Partnership (KTP) assists the Maine Department of Transportation in the development and implementation of the Corridor Partnership Plan for the Katahdin Woods & Waters Scenic Byway, creating a world-class visitor experience that will strengthen the tourism industry in the Katahdin region and stimulate the local economy. The KTP is guided by a Steering Committee committed to working across geographic and sector boundaries to promote assets along the Byway.

DESCRIPTION: The Katahdin Tourism Partnership grew out of planning for the Katahdin Woods & Waters Scenic Byway, a project of the Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT). The planning process that began in January 2011 identified economic development through tourism as a key goal. The process also revealed the need for a multi-sector network of organizations to oversee implementation of the Scenic Byway as and support sustainable tourism development for the area as a whole. In February 2012, the planning group transformed itself into the Katahdin Tourism Partnership (KTP), a network comprised of a steering committee and a broader stakeholder membership focusing attention on business and product development, marketing, and infrastructure investment that will lead to a strengthened local economy through outdoor recreation and nature-based tourism.
Following the development of the Katahdin Woods & Waters Corridor Partnership Plan in 2012, the KTP designated three strategic areas as priorities: tourism business and product development, marketing and market research, and Byway-centric infrastructure development. Since then, programs and projects have included hosting an Outdoor Recreation Planning Charrette, sponsoring Maine Woods Tourism Training workshops, conducting annual visitor surveys, publishing the Katahdin Woods & Waters Scenic Byway Visitor Brochure, coordinating a multi-town road repair request of the MaineDOT, organizing a Trails & Recreational Access Conference, and ongoing oversight of Scenic Byway infrastructure development.

The KTP has sought to gain broad-based consensus about the best ways to address opportunities and encourage innovation in new tourism product development while being mindful of the need for resource conservation and enhancement as a key to future regional economic prosperity.

For more information, please e-mail info@katahdinpartnership.org